Bill Fili

    On this page we salute one of Post 3460's Life Members World War Two Veteran William 'Bill' Fili.

Life Member William J. Fili being rescued from prison camp in Bucharest.

A veteran of 34 combat missions in a B-24 Liberator in World War II before he was blown out of those European skies four mile above Earth and then found himself in a POW camp in Bucharest, Romania. He was involved in one of the largest POW resque miissions of the war. His story is told in a book 'Passage To Valhalla II' and has also been featured on the History Channel with Oloiver North.


                UndauntedSpirits Held High

                      Death a Passenger In The Skies

                Through Dark Clouds Of Hellish Fire

                      Through Bee Hives Of Stinging Fighters

                 We Tempted Fate

                                      And Some Survived

         Less We Forget

                79000+ American Kids Gave Their Lives

                       Over Europe And the Pacific

                               For Universal freedom 

     Bill Fili

Published Books By William Fili

'Of Lice and Men' (1973)
'Face Lifts' (1977)
'Passage To Valhalla' (1991)
'Passage To Valhalla II' (2099)

These Titles Also On DVD

'Passage To Valhalla'
'Freedom For Romania'

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